Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Popnicute Hearts? 

Popnicute Hearts is a popular line of Popnicute Jewelry*. Each heart is uniquely made, designed by Kharisma Sommers or Kay for short. 

Q: What does Popnicute mean? 

Popnicute is an abbreviation of POPular, uNIque, and CUTE. In this name lays Kharisma's hopes in becoming popular one day, to always creating unique jewelry and other handicrafts, while being cute as button :3 

Q: How do you pronounce Popnicute? 


Q: Are your products handmade?

YES. We make every design by hand. Currently, we don't employ molds and/or castings. We do, however, purchased the stones we used in our designs from USA artists and all around the world. Our products are proudly made in Quincy, IL.

Q: I'm a stone collector. Can I order a stone without a frame?  

While it's not our intention to sell the stones as supply items, we will not refuse a sale. 

Q: Will you sell the stones for less? 

Sorry, but no. We won't sell them for less. 

Q: Can I order a frame without a stone?

Yes, you can. Please contact Kharisma to discuss this option. 

Q: Can I order other designs that are not hearts? 

Yes, you can. Please contact Kharisma to discuss this option. 

Q: If I bring you a picture of a jewelry from another jeweler, will you create a copy? 

No, we won't make copies of anyone's designs. That's against the copyright laws and our ethics. However, we'd be gladly taking the design as an inspiration and later create you a new design in Popnicute's style. 

Q: Did you go to school for jewelry? 

Kharisma is a self taught jewelry artist. She has a Bachelor degree in art (graphic design/visual communication) but not specifically for jewelry.

Q: Are you a smoker? 

A: No. Our jewelry are made inside a smoke-free home studio. 

Q: Do you have pets?

Not currently but in the past we housed a cat. 

Q: What is Argentium silver? 

Argentium silver contains higher silver content than the standard sterling silver with added germanium to the alloy replacing some of the copper that makes it highly tarnish resistant compared to regular sterling silver. We use Argentium silver 935. Argentium silver is made with only RECYCLED SILVER and NICKLE-FREE. For more info about argentium silver, please go to their website:!__about-argentium

Q: Do you sell internationally?

Yes. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in more than 35 countries around the world. 

Q: Are you on facebook? 


Q: Are you on youtube?


Q: Do you have other websites? 

- POPNICUTE.COM ~ high quality handcrafted jewelry beyond hearts.
- POPNICUTESUPPLIES.COM ~ a destash jewelry supply shop & tutorial.
- ARTBYKHARISMA.COM ~ art photography prints by Kharisma.