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About Kharisma


Kharisma Ryantori Sommers is an award winning, self-taught metalsmith and artist with a BFA degree (Graphic Design) from the Petra Christian University of Surabaya, Indonesia. Kharisma brings an abundant array of eclectic and artistic approaches to her jewelry making practice. She has an eye for detail and prides herself on the originality of her designs. She always strives to give her best in every creation.


Her jewelry photos and tutorials have been published by numerous American jewelry making magazines and her videos can be seen in youtube under the alias of Popnicute.


Kharisma lives with her husband, Steven, in the middle of nowhere (Quincy, IL) with hopes that someday they will be able to move into a bigger city with less snow and preferably with a beach nearby. In her free time she loves capturing photos of flowers and tiny bugs with her Macro lens.

About Popnicute Hearts


This boutique website is dedicated to Popnicute Hearts, a popular line of Popnicute Jewelry*. With the increasing popularity of Popnicute's heart designs, we think it's only fair that a special platform is made and dedicated for them. Each heart is uniquely made with a frame fitted to a specific stone. A numerous frame designs available, ranging from a basic heart shape to decorative shapes such as animal frames, all designed exclusively by Kharisma to fit her customers' requests. Aside from the Popnicute Hearts line, we decided to make every design that's incorporating a heart available through this website.

*Popnicute Jewelry is an artisan jewelry brand with hundreds of satisfied customers in more than 35 countries around the world known for its quality, originality, and unique designs. Popnicute is an abbreviation of POPular, uNIque, and CUTE. In this name lays her hopes in becoming popular one day, to always creating unique jewelry and other handicrafts, while being cute as button. 

Oodles of Doodles. Argentium silver, labradorite, leather.

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