Great to wear on days when you're feeling like a warrior. An attractive arm candy, wrist armor.


You will receive the exact bracelet pictured.

Similar to its predecessor, the Moon Crater 2.0 cuff is created entirely from copper pipe. To create this open cuff design, after the initial texturing process the pipe was then cut and opened. The result is this amazing cuff with wider and airier look than the original design. The craters are in the middle of the cuff. The border is textured with tight lines. Packed with textures this wide copper cuff bracelet is sure unique and a head turner. Each time I make this design the result, specifically the craters, will be different though holding the same principles. This wide cuff has a fluted shape with the ends wider than the middle. The overall bracelet design is created in an anticlastic form (curved out like a saddle) to follow the curves on the wrist making it comfortable to wear. It has about an inch or so opening to slide on the wrist.

- The middle is 35 mm (1 3/4") wide and the end is 40 mm (1 9/16") wide. All size is approximate due to its handmade nature.

Moon crater cuffs are original design by Popnicute. Each cuff is signed and dated.

Popnicute Jewelry embraces the natural properties of copper. None of Popnicute designs are coated with anything unless specified. Popnicute Jewelry is perfect for individuals who value copper's natural beauty. Copper will oxidize with the environment. A polishing pad is included with every purchase to bring back the shine and depth of copper jewelry.
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