Copper, brass, drusy agate, glass beads
Brooch is making a comeback! It's a great way to personalize any outfit. From The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to celebrities on the red carpet they're keen on adding a brooch or its cooler cousin, the pin, to adorn their wardrobe.

''Brooches and pins are part of the growing trend for personalization'', Dominic Jones, Creative Director of Astley Clarke, tells The Telegraph. Not only to they bring originality and newness to you go-to pieces, but they also look chic and have the ability to add a touch of eccentricity to you look.

For the cooler weather, we welcome and love scarf pins. This pink brooch by Popnicute was inspired by antique Moroccan jewelry. The mechanism is similar to Celtic penannular brooch. This particular style in the listing is made of a combination of copper and brass with stamped details over the scalloped edges. All handmade from scratch. A pink drusy agate focal stone and five-strand beaded chain tassel in blue and lime green completed the look of the brooch. The spoke in the middle is cold forged from a square wire mildly tapered to a dull point. Due to the thickness of the spoke (12 gauge) this type of brooch is best worn with a loosely knitted/woven fabric.

Take your winter wardrobe to the next level. Winter clothing is usually very thick leaving a little to none option to wear jewelry. Great to be paired with medium to bulky sweaters, scarves, cardigans, even hats. It looks absolutely darling on a knitted beanie.

For light weight scarves, you can gathered the scarf then pinned this fibula brooch on.

1. Align the circle's opening to the spoke in the middle.
2. Let the circle drop onto the front part of the brooch.
3. Stick the spoke into your clothing vertically.
4. Bring the circle up and push to the back of the spoke through the opening.
5. Move the circle to the left or right behind the spoke to lock it in place.
6. Make sure it's securely attached to your sweater/hat/scarf before you leave the house.
7. Flaunt it with pride.

The fringe tassel features 5 bronze bells underneath but they don't ring. The sound the bells make is very dull and unnoticeable.

- Overall length: 147 mm (5-3/4 in).
- Width: 35 mm (1-7/16 in).

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