Absolutely gorgeous and a great choice to adorn any little black dress. It can even go over a turtle neck outfit given the fabric isn't too thick. Got a charitable event? New year party, perhaps? Enter the room with this stunning necklace and all eyes will be on you. Confident and bold woman this necklace is for you!

Collector's Edition.

Welcome Spring with this flower copper necklace that was thoroughly handmade from head to toe including the viking knit chain and clasp. Featuring Kharisma's signature ribbon fold surrounding a designer Crazy Lace Agate cut by Gerald Vincent (USA), the bottom stone is gold titanium plated drusy, sparkly! We're not sure what the stone is, it's rather a soft one, shell like. I think it looks like a gold nugget hence the title Gold Digger. The result of the triad combination of copper, argentium silver, and nu gold brass is stunning! We love how the the Crazy Lace Agate stone pattern mimics the colors of the metals. The gold titanium plating on the drusy is very earthy and poise. Big, bold, and beautiful. It's a treasure to last a lifetime and more.

Made to last, Popnicute designs are unique, timeless, sometimes a little bohemian but elegant. Every fold is crated by hand, the chain was knitted from a single thin wire. The result is this strong, flexible chain with a unique knitted look that's been decorated with tiny Serpentine Jasper beads. This necklace has toggle closure for easy on and off. Toggle clasp is secure but always make sure that the T-clasp has been inserted properly to avoid dropping the necklace. As with any precious jewelry, handle your Popnicute Jewelry with extra care.

Necklace comes with an exclusive box. Perfect for gift giving.

Pendant is approximately 3" x 4.5" (75 mm x 115 mm).
Necklace fits like an 18" necklace.


No further customization is offered. If you need a new design and have any questions regarding Popnicute Jewelry products and services, don't hesitate to contact us. Every email is answered.
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