A statement piece to your love for birds and trees. An awesome combination of argentium sterling silver, faux lapis lazuli birds, and colorful glass beads all wired and woven into this imaginative tree of life creation. What an artistic piece!

Collector's Edition. You will receive the exact necklace pictured.

This is Popnicute's take of the popular Tree of Life design handcrafted in Argentium Silver. The blue birds were handmade from polymer clay to emulate Lapis Lazuli complete with gold specs like a true Lapis Lazuli stone. These birds are individually sculpted and carved so no two will be the same. The same goes with the Tree of Life design. These substantial silver trees will be handmade from scratch with Argentium Silver wire with no mold or patterns used. To top it off, orange, red, and green beads were sewn into place using thin silver wire. A delightful design perfect for the Spring season

This silver pendant is hung from a 4-ply 18" round leather necklace in tan and brown that has been beaded with the same bead colors as used in the pendant. The cord is detachable from both sides. Front closure.


- Pendant: 3.5" tall by 3" wide (9 cm x 7.6 cm)
- Necklace: 18" long leather cord.

>>> Argentium silver is certified to be responsible silver that is manufactured from recycled silver. Argentium International guarantees traceability of its raw silver. It is certified that Argentium silver is produced using only recycled silver, always from a refinery never a mine.
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