A beautiful little mermaid captured this little piece of ocean to wear on her neck to always remind her of home :) Rippled water, bubbles, corals, and pearls are all her favorite. For an adventure, she went to the sunken Titanic and took home a few small pieces to decorate her room and to make jewelry with. She keeps them close to her heart.

It is currently on display at the Quincy Art Center's gallery as one of the artworks accepted at the Local Art Competition.

A gorgeous and luscious handcrafted necklace with a long 28" chain. Botswana Agate elegantly wire wrapped in Argentium silver wire with a collection of freshwater flower-like keishi pearls in gold and white/silver colors. A big gray banded Botswana Agate, a designer cabochon by Steve Adams, nestled in the middle. This Botswana Agate has onion-like layers, it's more beautiful than the picture! Mirror polished surface with rich and elegant colors.

The Botswana Agate focal is hung from a silver circle suspended by a couple of wide links made of copper. At the bottom, under a big oblong shaped freshwater pearl hangs a tassel made of copper chains in varying length. This necklace is unique, contemporary, and timeless. Dress up and outfit. If you have a skinny neck, the long chain can be wrapped twice around the neck for a sensual look. Model's neck circumference is 13 inch.

Focal: 63 mm by 50 mm (2.5 x 2 in) (without the circle and tassel).
Necklace length: a little over 28 inches long (± 71 cm)

The back is nearly as pretty as the front. Wear this piece of luxury with proud. It's made to last :) An heirloom quality. Something you'd love to pass on to your grandkids someday.

The freeform cabochon lends itself to an asymmetrical design. Beautiful swirly toggle closure that I handcrafted from scratch as part of the design. Gorgeous Bali silver and vermeil beads are used to add some drama to this piece of art. Handcrafted silver flowers look so sweet among those lot of Keshi pearls.

This design has been thoroughly thought off to create a nice flow. This art necklace is signed with POPNICUTE.

This necklace comes in bright silver (not oxidized).

Thank you for supporting handmade.

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